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Advanced Grammar in Use – O’zbek tilida 72 hours

Bu kurs ingliz tili grammatikasi boʻyicha ilg’or bosqich (advanced) talabalar uchun moʻljallangan. Kurs asosan ingliz tili grammatikasining asosiy (elementary) va o’rta (intermediate) bosqichlarini allaqachon o’rgangan talabalar uchun tavsiya etiladi. Kurs boshlang’ich (elementary) yoki o’rta (intermediate) darajani endi boshlagan o’quvchilar uchun mos emas.

This course is for students who want help with Advanced English grammar. The course is intended mainly for advanced students (students who have already studied the basic and intermediate grammar of English). lt concentrates on those structures which advanced students want to use, but which often cause difficulty. The course is not suitable for elementary or intermediate learners.