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Course Description

🇬🇧 This course is for elementary learners, i.e. learners with very little English, but it is not expected to be used from the first ay of a course for complete beginners. It is intended mainly for elementary students who are beyond the very earliest stages of a beginners’ course. The course can also be taken by lower intermediate learners whose grammar is weaker than other aspects of their English or who have problems with particular areas of “elementary” grammar.

🇺🇿 Bu kurs boshlangʻich darajadagi, yaʼni ingliz tilini juda kam biladigan oʻquvchilar uchun moʻljallangan, ammo toʻliq boshlangʻich darajadagi oʻquvchilar (ingliz tilini umuman bilmaydigan) uchun Ingliz tiliga kirish kursi sifatida tavsiya etilmaydi. Kursni grammatikasi ingliz tilining boshqa jihatlariga qaraganda zaifroq bo’lgan yoki “elementar” grammatikaning muayyan sohalarida muammolari bo’lgan o’rta darajadagi o’quvchilar ham olishlari mumkin.